Bobbin Buddies win 1st Place at the 2016 American Quilt Show!

My dear friend, Pam Kay, is a very talented quilter. She taught me everything I know about quilting which, in turn, helped me immensely with my sewing skills. Pam and her quilting friends, The Bobbin Buddies, entered a group quilt featuring the Botanical Building at Balboa Park in San Diego  at the 2016 American Quilters Society Quilt Week in Paducah, Kentucky. The AQS Quilt Week is one of the premier quilt shows in the nation and winning anything is a pretty big deal. When I heard the news that they won first place, I was ecstatic for Pam and her friends. Way to represent San Diego!!

The Bobbin Buddies’ selected the Botanical Building in Balboa Park as their subject matter to celebrate the park’s centennial and to coincide with the San Diego Quilt Show theme, “A Walk in the Park.” They enlarged a photo of the building to 60″ x 40″ and divided it into 24 pieces. The pieces were shuffled up and ranked by easy, medium, and difficult then distributed equally. Each of the eight members did not know what the final product would look like and were given pieces without knowing “who-got-what.” They were not allowed to share fabrics. The pieces were then Check out the reflection in the water![/caption]


The coveted blue ribbon:


What I love about this quilt is that while you can tell each block was done separately and using different techniques, they all shared the same tones which allowed the pieces to easily blend.

Lace, different fabrics patterns, embellishments — each block is unique!

The details were impeccable and are an interpretation of each quilter’s artistic eye.

Cut-outs for the railing, appliquéd man walking.

If you’d like to see this quilt, it will be on display at the Balboa Park Visitor’s Center at 1549 El Prado #1, San Diego, CA 92101.  The visitor’s center is just west of the Botanical Building, on the south side of El Prado. 

Bobbin Buddes L-R: Cece May, Judi Shacklett, Pam Kay, Marilyn Fingerman, Wendy Held, Diana Price, Joan Cunningham and Clara Gibson

Congratulations, Bobbin Buddies, your win was well-deserved!

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  1. That is absolutely stunning workmanship! Just stunning!! The detail is exquisite!

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