Pie Crusts – Save those scraps!

If you’ve ever made your own pie crust, you sometimes end up with a scraps after trimming. I’m a pretty frugal person, even when cooking or baking. I try my best to maximize the ingredients without compromising quality. So when it came to making pies, I usually turn the dough under the edge and flute it with my fingers (or let my daughter do it… she’s pretty good at it).

This past Thanksgiving I took Martha Stewart’s lead and saved my scraps to cut out with leaf cutter to use for the edge of the pie. I didn’t have a lot of leftover dough, but that little bit went a long way. Once you cut out a shape, you can attach it to the pie with just a little dab of water. Refrigerate the crust until you’re ready to fill it.

Once you’ve filled the crust, you can brush some egg wash on the edge and sprinkle it with sanding sugar (or just plain sugar) to give it a little sparkle. You will wow your friends with this little effort.

Any small cutter would do – usually cutters made for fondant work best for small shapes. I used the smallest of the “Leaf Cut-Outs” from Wilton in the photo above:

To cut small circles, you could use the bottom of a piping tip instead of having to invest in fondant cutters.

So where’s the pie?

I was a bad blogger. We ate it before I could take a photo of it. Plus, we had kids picking off the leaves before it was time to serve it, so it wouldn’t have made a pretty picture. It was an apple-berry dutch pie and it was good.

What tricks do you have for pie crusts? Post in the comments below!