My First Sampler Quilt

Last September, I took a quilting class from my friend, Pam (who is, by the way, a very talented quilter and crafter). I put the blocks and sashing (the borders between the blocks) together last year and its been sitting on top of my sewing stuff for very close to a year. I’ve had the urge to finish the quilt so I could make another one. One thing that was holding me back was the lack of material. We just used fabric from Pam’s HUGE stash in her studio. Unfortunately, the fabric I chose for my sashing wasn’t enough to make an inner and outer border. Forward to late July, I headed over to Rosie’s Calico Cupboard and found a fabric that would work and went to town on finishing the quilt top while using some creative piecing to make up for the lack of fabric for the border.

Since Pam just taught us how to put the top together and I had to go back to her for some guidance on how to finish it in August. I was a bit impatient and made a few mistakes. But after actually “quilting” the quilt (connecting the top, batting and backing layers by stitching) and binding the edges, I just stuck it in the washer and dryer and magically, my mistakes went away! Or at least they hid behind the puffiness of the fabric.

The photo above is my sampler quilt and the quilt behind me is one that Pam used as a reference for her quilting class. It’s amazing how two quilts with the same blocks can have different looks just by fabric choice and block placement.

Quilting is fun – but it will get me in trouble since I can probably do this all day and I’d spend a fortune at the fabric store.

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