Crayon and Scratchpad Roll

Ah, I’m finally caught up! This was one of my latest projects – a scratchpad and crayon roll.

Mya got invited to a birthday party for a set of fraternal twins – a girl and a boy. So I racked my brain as to what to get them for a gift. We usually opt not to get toys for gifts (unless it’s educational or promotes creativity) for the same reason we dread any addition to Mya’s toy collection – it just becomes clutter after she loses interest in it. I did a search online and remembered seeing instructions for a crayon roll. What a perfect gift – it’s practical, portable, refillable, and can be used for as long as kids like to color with crayons! I wanted to add some paper to this crayon roll. I thought about how it would be handy to have when you need to keep kids busy while you’re running errands with them.

I found these instructions and made an additional 4″ width and overall 1″ extra in height to make room for the scratch pad (available at any office supply store). It was quite easy to do and I cranked these babies out in about an hour. Instead of using ribbon to keep it together, I used black elastic loop. I figured that little hands wouldn’t be able to properly tie a ribbon to keep this together. My husband recommended that next time I make these, I should create a top flap so that the contents of the roll won’t fall out. I agreed – my makeup brush roll has a top flap and it does the job! Well, now I know what all my friends kids are getting for Christmas!!

Here’s a pic of the girl’s and boy’s crayon roll:
I used brown for the inside back of both rolls with pink pockets for the girl, yellow pockets for the boy.

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