Two Peas in a Pod

Back in February, I was invited to a baby shower hosted by my friend Cathy. I met Cathy through a fund raising event that my church organization threw on Valentine’s Day last year. Cathy owns Celebrity Weddings and I was very impressed with her linens and chair covers. On top of that, she’s a real sweet person and very pleasant to do be around.

The theme of the baby shower was “Two Peas in a Pod.” Her friend was having twin girls and she was gracious enough to throw this awesome party at her home. I didn’t know what to expect when I got to the party. I sure wish I had my good camera with me because these were all shot with my phone. Nonetheless, you can see how much work she and her friend put into all the details of the party.

The color scheme was lime green and hot pink (one of my favorite combos!). The tables alternated between green and pink table cloths and contrasting napkins. Every table had an adorable diaper cake for the centerpiece. The party favors were salt and pepper shakers shaped like two peas in a pod.

She had this beautiful dessert buffet. The kids (both young and old) were hovering around this all day. There was a large variety of desserts and sweets – I couldn’t believe how many pink and green candies there were!

One thing that I regret not photographing is the tea bar. She had set out a variety of loose teas in jars arranged in tiers. Each jar was labeled and had a ribbon around the rim of the jar. The hot water table had tea infusers with ribbons at the end. It was just so unbelievably cute and thoughtful. I’m sure her pregnant friend was very appreciative of the efforts put into this party.

Cathy provided all the linens (including chair covers) for this party. If you are having a wedding or any special event I highly suggest you contact her. She’s just awesome to work with and a very nice person, too.

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