Advent Chain – Pyramid

Today marks 23 days until Christmas! I put up the tree yesterday and reminisced as I pulled out handmade kid ornaments and ornaments made by my late grandmother. My tree is getting more and more eclectic as it gets filled with my kids’ ornaments. When they’re grown, I’m sure they’ll appreciate their little contribution to our Christmas traditions. Even though it’s only two days into December┬áI still feel like I don’t have enough time to enjoy the season!

The kids opened their little pyramid box today. They got a chocolate ball. Yumm. I should have bought extras for me to enjoy – but my waistline does not need it!

Want to make this box? Well, now you can!

Again, I’ve provided a PDF of the pattern, both in letter-size and half-scrapbook size. I modified the original design after I found difficulty closing the box. I added extra side tabs to help hold the closing flap in and to contain the contents better. Enjoy!

Download Pyramid Box Pattern



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