Advent Calendar – Off the chain!

The season is going by so fast! I planned on posting a few boxes at a time but time caught up on me. I’ve been fighting a nasty cold and I’m not feeling up to sitting on a computer at times.

This is pic of the hanging chain of boxes (Command hooks are awesome). We cut one box off the bottom every day. I like how the boxes are different shapes. It’s a little whimsical.



Here are the 8 days of gifts:


Top row: Pillow Box, cube box, tab-top box, button box

Bottom row: Rectangle box, angular box, large envelope, pyramid

It’s been fun opening these little boxes. I get a kick out of the joy the kids have. My oldest tries to guess what’s inside each one – so far she’s only gotten one right – the pyramid (just because the first one had a chocolate ball in it).

I added a little more decor to the kitchen. I was inspired by a tree from my dear friend, Pam. I have a lot of mini christmas cookie cutters and turned them into ornaments for my kitchen tree. I strung Cheerios on a ribbon and made a garland. It sure took a lot of Cheerios to make this for such a tiny tree! Even the fish got some special green and red rocks to dress up his tank.

I’m getting my sense of smell back and I’m starting to get in the mood to bake something. Macarons? Mini Gingerbread houses? We’ll see. 🙂

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