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I stumbled across Design Seeds a few months ago and was recently reacquainted with the site when color palettes started showing up on Pinterest. I LOVE color… I know it’s a silly thing to say – I mean, who doesn’t love color? At my old job (ad agency), I was usually put in charge of choosing color palettes for clients. It wasn’t as easy as you think it would be. Things I have to take into consideration: company image, target market, company goals, etc. So tech companies would tend to gravitate towards “steel” colors but why not throw in something bright like an orange to make them friendlier or cutting edge? Perhaps red would make a little company look bold and powerful.

Back then, I had stacks of Pantone® swatch books and pretty much had to go through the colors to see what would work. I used digital photos and had my “eyedropper tool” to pick out colors as best I could, found a match in a color chart and adjusted the pigments so that they’ll look okay when printed (because what you see on screen sometimes doesn’t come out the same when printed). Whew. Enter Design Seeds… the work is pretty much done for you! The site is great for pretty much everything that requires a color palette – from home decorating to picking colors for a sugar cookie.

I mean seriously… don’t these colors make you want to lick your screen?
(Please don’t do it, though. I’m not responsible for dusty tongues and germy screens.)


Or how about this one? It makes you want to go out and find a treasure while discovering an abandoned place.

So for those of you who are color-challenged or even for those needing inspiration, you’ve got to check out this Design Seeds at! There’s something for everyone here!

What are your favorite sites for design inspiration? Post them in the comments below!

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