The Bride and Groom

This post is long-overdue. The awesomely talented, Katie Gaines of Love Paper Paint contacted me over a month ago to make bride and groom cookies for her client who was having a wedding at the end of March. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity . First of all, to pair my cookies with the Katie’s work is such an honor. Second, it’s a cookie design that I haven’t made before and I always like a new cookie project. A few ideas were swapped and then I was given free reign on cookies for a sapphire blue and silver wedding.

The inspiration photo that was initially sent had a groom’s tux that was the shape of a tiered wedding cake. I thought it was unfortunate how the bride’s gown had more attention than the groom’s tux. So I went to the baking supply store and found a “sports jersey” cookie cutter. It worked out perfectly for a “tux jacket” shape.

I had royal icing left over from another cookie project and spent an evening piping out blue ribbon rose drageés to accent the jacket and dress.


Here they are, ready to be delivered. Of course, the bride’s dress had to have a little sparkle so I used Pixie Dust to give it a bit of shimmer.

Thank you, Katie for giving me the opportunity to work on these cookies! For those of you who need any custom paint work or over-the-top invitations, announcements, or stationary, contact Katie at Love Paper Paint. She does exceptional work!


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