The Little Engine that DID…

…not fail to impress, that is.

Here’s a little engine for a sweet little boy’s 4th birthday. His mother, Leslie, has worked with me in the past to make cake decorations and cookies for the kids’ birthdays. She puts so much thought and love into her kids parties—and not only that—in everything she does for them! So I was happy to work with Leslie on this project. Actually, it was more like, “make a train engine and use the colors on the invitations.” So that’s what I did.

It’s been slightly humid in San Diego, which made for some challenges with icing this cookie. Every time I laid down a layer of icing, I literally prayed that it wouldn’t collapse (which some of them did). Yes, royal icing collapses—You can see holes and dips in some parts. I’ll spare your the nerdy details but the fact is, there are little air bubbles in the icing. Since the outside dries first, the “inside bubbles” can deflate due to various environmental factors. I usually pop the bubbles that I initially see, but the icing crusts pretty quickly so I can’t get them all. Who knew sugar cookies were such a science!

With some icing trickery, it all worked out in the end and I received this nice note from Leslie:

“As usual, life has been crazy but I wanted to write and tell you that the cookies blew me away!!!  They were so much better than I could have imagined and I wanted to thank you!!!!!  Often with cookies like that they look good but don’t taste great…not the case with yours!!  They are so yummy!!!!  I need to get the few extras out of my house before I eat them all!!!!  Thank you again and I can’t wait for the next party so I can have you create something else spectacular!!!  You’re the best!”

It was my pleasure. And yes, they DO taste good. I’ve got expert taste-testers review all my products 😉 .

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