Easy Fruit Fly Trap

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We’ve been inundated with fruit flies now that we have our tomato harvest out on the counter. Not to mention it’s been hot and our bananas and other fruit seem to ripen a lot faster. It’s tough to kill those pesky fruit flies with a swatter so I made my own fly trap with a little research.

All it is:

1 water bottle filled with:

A few drops of soap + about 1/3 cup of water + about 2 tbsp of red wine vinegar

Top it off with a small funnel. Make sure the funnel is not touching the solution so the flies can fly in.

The flies are attracted to the vinegar. They fly into the funnel but can’t figure a way to get out. So they end up drowning themselves in the soap/water solution. It’s quite effective – even without the bubbles. The trap pictured above has been out for less than 20 minutes and you can see how many flies are in there! YUCK!

Once you’re grossed out enough with all the flies, you can dump out the solution and make a new one (I gave mine about 5 days). Have fun catching flies!

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