Pirate Ship Cupcake Wrapper

When Mya’s 2nd grade teacher had asked if I would make cupcakes for the end-of-year pirate party I was happy to oblige. I didn’t want to go overboard and do fondant ships or involved icing work. The kids would just throw away fondant and lick off the icing. After a little searching on Pinterest and the web, I decided to create a pirate ship cupcake wrapper and make a simple chocolate cupcake with chocolate meringue buttercream icing.

Arrgh mateys!

It was a hit, to say the least! The kids actually ate the cupcake, not just the icing. I had a few people taking pictures as I was carrying the fleet of ships through the school yard. I was just glad that I didn’t drop the boxes!

There were a few leftovers and Mya’s teacher gave them to the other second grade teachers, who were truly Fleet of ships sailing to class.[/caption]

I’ve provided instructions and a template below. You can alter the colors if you’d like – perhaps a pink flag and a gray ship for a “pirate girl” party, or maybe a brown or blue ship and a blank sail for a nautical theme party? Whatever you do with it, have fun and make it sweet!


Materials and Tools Needed:

  • Black Construction Paper (for ship)
  • Red Construction Paper (for flag)
  • Sail printout
  • 9″ Paper Lollipop Sticks
  • Glue
  • 1/8″ Hole Puncher
  • 1/4″ Hole Puncher (optional)
  • Scissors or an Exacto knife

The recipe I used for the icing can be found here (I halved it): Martha Stewart’s Chocolate Buttercream

I can’t for the life of me find the chocolate cupcake recipe, but it was similar to this: Perfectly Chocolate Cupcakes from Glorious Treats