Culinaire Lifestyle: Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings

O. M. G.

The staple of nearly every Filipino party I attend has a recipe!

My friend, Chef Mike Arquines (culinary artist and chef extraordinaire) with the help of his friend, Tony G., have created THE recipe for Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings!

(Yes, you can jump for joy!)

So it has MSG. Get over it. That is what makes it fingertip-lickin’ good!

You can find this garlicky, peppery goodness at Culinaire Lifestyle. While you’re there, you can check out some other food eye candy.

Chef Arquines is part chef / part scientist. He experiments with food until he gets it right – so you can be assured that what he’s making is just AWESOME. His San Diego-based Photo from Zoom’s Edible Plants[/caption]

and turn it into this:

That takes talent.

Check out his site and book your private dining session with The LAB!

I was not paid for this endorsement. I just think that Chef Arquines and his crew do amazing things in the kitchen and it’s inspiring to witness them at work!

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  1. The link for the recipe appears to be broken, and I tried searching online too, no success. Can you post the recipe perhaps? 🙂

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