I’m FLYing again

My house is a wreck.

It looks as if an intruder came in and turned everything over to find something valuable to steal and came out with nothing. Sadly, the reality is that our household is comprised of two busy parents running a business and two kids who find everything that’s not a toy so that they can transform it into one. Not to mention I’ve passed along my craftiness to the kids so there’s pieces of paper, string, beads, and fabric masking themselves as dust bunnies. It’s hard to walk around the house barefoot without stickers or tape getting stuck to your feet or crushing cereal that’s been used as a trail marker from the kitchen to the family/play room.

Now that I’ve painted a picture of how I’m a horrible housekeeper, I have to tell you that I’m not usually this way …yes, really, I’m not (don’t judge). I clean ALL. THE. TIME. My horribly dry hands are proof of it! It’s just that I can’t catch up with how quickly the house gets messy! I’m sure you moms out there can sympathize.

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Many years ago, I was introduced to FlyLady. For those who are unfamiliar, it’s basically and online program that sends you reminders and motivating tidbits on keeping your house clean. I used to do it (at least on two occassions) and I can’t say that I was too successful. I think I got more annoyed and overwhelmed with the 20 emails they sent per day and which led me to cancel the subscription. It really was like a nagging spouse (thankfully, my own spouse does not nag). Most of the emails were junk and I only needed the “flight plan.” But I think it was an excuse for my laziness (or the crazy mess that I didn’t want to deal with).

Now that both of our girls are in school, I felt it was time to reclaim the house. We moved the girls into separate rooms and everything from our former guest (*cough* junk) room has been allocated to various parts of the house. I had to move my sewing cabinet and my 2 other machines out of there, along with all my fabric and craft A view of the lid[/caption]

I’m enjoying FLYing so far. I’m glad there’s something to keep me on track with cleaning the house. Eventually, I can have people over again. But for now, it’s baby steps for me!

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