On the Run…

My trusty Brooks “Launch” shoes

Technically, I’m supposed to be in my 2nd week of training for the San Diego Half Marathon (my 3rd Half). But did I run this week? No.

Training during the holidays is tough. I went to 5 parties within a week’s time. I over-ate,  taste-tested the desserts coming out of the house and indulged in too many darn cookies… Then there’s the late-night sneaking-the-gifts-around-while-the-kids-sleep. Oh, and last-minute gifts, crafts and wrapping, of course.

Plus, IT’S COLD! I ran last year in the cold and I was prepared! Now I can’t find my special “running gloves” and I feel so incomplete! With the temps dipping to the upper 30’s in the morning it gets to be a challenge to want to go outside and freeze my fingers off.

Okay, enough excuses. The fact is I NEED to train. Last week, I logged in a whopping 5 miles. I didn’t even do a 5-mile “long run” on Saturday — my daughter had a sleepover and the kids were sleeping downstairs, so I didn’t want to wake them at 5:30am with my typical pre-run tea and Clif bar or toast/w peanut butter.

The good news… I got my lazy butt up to go to the Dailey Method in Downtown San Diegoand work my core (and more) at 6am last Thursday. Wow, did I get a good workout. It’s a lot different than the bootcamp-style workouts that I’m used to. Instead of dynamic movements with quick reps, the Dailey Method is all about high reps and small, controlled movements. I thought that I’d be under-achieving if I used 3-pound weights for biceps and triceps. Boy was I wrong. With the high reps, 3 pounds soon feel like 10. The Dailey Method uses a combination of ballet barre work, core conditioning, yoga, and orthopedic exercises that work out all the major muscle groups. With my past ankle injuries and a neck injury while training for my 1st half marathon, my  alignment is off and I can feel it. It’s perfect that the Dailey Method’s main focus is proper alignment. I’m hoping that it will help my gait, especially when I run.

My goals for the half marathon:

  • Run injury-free
  • Run faster
  • Don’t feel like crap after the race (read: get proper nutrition)

Okay… Now that I’ve finished off the last of the eggnog, I’m gonna get ready to wake up early to run in the cold, without my gloves. *sigh* I’ll be posting my progress to hold myself accountable.

Wish me luck!

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