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I’m a tech geek. I love it when technology is useful, especially in everyday life. I spend a lot of time thinking, “It would be nice if there was an app that…”

I’ve considered developing apps to make my life easier (I told you, I’m a nerd/geek). But the good news is that most of the apps I’ve thought of already exist – less work for me! I’m going to share a few free Android apps I’ve found to be useful in the kitchen (and that I didn’t have to develop).

Let’s start with the groceries…

Out of Milk by Capigami, Inc.

Photo: Capigami, Inc.
Photo: Capigami, Inc.

I’ve been using “Out of Milk” for quite a while now. It has been the simplest, yet most robust shopping list app that I’ve found. You can sort items with separate lists—I mainly use mine for stores so I can make my trips efficient. You can also enter your regular pantry items and spices and keep track of the quantities (it’s excellent when taking inventory of my spices).

What’s great is that when you sign up for a free account on the website you can enter items on your computer and import shopping lists off spreadsheets in CSV format. I’ve found this to be useful when my husband and I share an ongoing list for road trips, parties and camping — when it comes time to shop, I just import the list right into my account and it syncs with my phone.

Another feature is the “Grocery Deals.” No longer will you have to bring grocery flyers with you. The app will display local deals by store (mostly chain stores). It’s a great time saver and helps with price comparison. You can also insert prices, scan barcodes, share lists… the features are plenty!


Now on to meal planning… Dinner Photo: Good Egg Apps[/caption]

This is a useful little app that does multiple tasks. Have you ever wanted to halve a recipe and ended up with a measurement that you don’t have the right equipment for? Enter the measurement converter. You can easily convert 1/8 of a cup to tablespoons and know that you don’t have to eyeball half of your 1/4 measuring cup (it’s two by the way).

There’s a handy guidebook built-in to the app. You can look up fruits and vegetables (and find out how to pick the right one). There’s also a guide to spices and substitutions for spices — which is great when someone has bought you a pre-filled spice rack with spices you normally wouldn’t use. 🙂

The app also has a kitchen timer for when you have several dishes cooking at the same time. It also features a search function that will take you to popular recipe sites such as and The search might be overkill but could be handy for some.


That’s a glimpse of my techy kitchen… all in the palm of my hand.

What apps do you use in the kitchen? Comment below!

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