Wedding DIY Arsenal Ideas

by Rayna Seaman from Wedding Crowd 

You are planning your wedding and are super excited to add your personal touch to all of the details that will make your dream wedding come to life. You picked your theme and wedding colors and decide that you are going to tackle a lot of DIY projects for your big day. But maybe you have 2 left thumbs and don’t know where to start.

DIY projects will not only show your guests your personality, it will also save you tons of money on your budget. And who wouldn’t like to save some money, especially in today’s economy? So if you are anything like me, you want to prepare yourself with the must-have items you will need for all of your crafting needs.

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So in order to get ready for all of the fabulous DIY projects you are about to embark on, use the below DIY Arsenal created just for you. These items should be in everyone’s DIY wedding kit. They will help you with all crafts and save you time and stress.

Now without further ado, here is your handy dandy list:

  • Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
    •  One of your best go to items will be a Glue Gun. Make sure that you are prepared with a few packs of glue sticks too so that you don’t have to keep running back and forth to your local crafts store.
    • A Glue Gun works miracles and will help you put all of your DIY projects together (and keep them together).
  • Tape
    • Clear scotch tape can prove to be another useful tool in holding pieces of your projects together.
  • Scissors
    • A good pair of craft scissors is a must have for any DIYer.
    • If you want to get even more creative, you may want to consider a scissor set with different blade edges. This can help you cut patterns into projects to add pizazz and personality.


  • Clear Labels
    •  If you are doing your own invitations, a great must have would be clear labels.
    • You can print out all of your addresses and then place the label on your envelopes. This saves tons of money and looks sharp as well.
  • Printer, Ink & Paper
    • For your DIY projects, you should have a reliable printer, ink and quality paper. You can even make your own invitations with this arsenal!

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