DIY Reusable Mama Pads Tutorial


I never thought myself to be the green, tree-hugging type of person. Perhaps it was my frugality that made me want to be less wasteful in my life. So here I am, making my own panty liners — something that I wouldn’t have imagined myself doing.

A few months ago, I started using the Diva Cup after it was highly recommended to me from friends. And now, I feel like I’ve seen the light. Where has this been all my life? I can run, swim and be active without too much worry. Plus I don’t have sit on a pad — which gave some problems down in my nether regions.

Since the Diva Cup has a learning curve, I realized that I needed a backup plan for when I didn’t get it quite right and for those heavier days when I can’t get to a decent restroom right away. Yes, I’ve had a few issues while I was away from home (you do what you’ve gotta do with toilet paper in that situation). I didn’t want to turn back to disposable panty liners so I decided to make my own. I found several patterns online and made a hybrid of the ones I liked best.

Here’s how you make mama pads at home. This is best for use as a backup for your cup since it’s not a heavy-duty pad.


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