Christmas Floral Arrangements with The Bouqs Co.


I used to work at my mom’s flower shop many, many years ago. I learned a lot about flowers, the floral industry, and arranging flowers. My boyfriend at the time (now husband) didn’t buy flowers from any other store except my mom’s. Smart move—I’d know if I’m getting quality flowers. Not that it mattered. (Well, maybe it did.) My mom has since closed shop but still makes flower arrangements upon request.

When I heard about The Bouqs Company I was intrigued. The Bouqs is an online flower delivery service that sends you a bouquet of flowers directly from their farms from either South America or California. It doesn’t come in a pretty vase already pre-arranged for you — it’s straight up flowers (and sometimes fillers), wrapped up and ready for you to create your own arrangement.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Why not send an arrangement?”

Here’s the scoop: 

When I worked at the flower shop we’d partner with large online- and phone-order floral companies to make and deliver orders from anywhere in the country. The problem is, sometimes the flowers that were represented in the catalog weren’t available at the floral trade warehouse. We’d have to make substitutions because the flower is out of season or to cover our costs and make a meager profit. So in the end, while we did our best to make the receiving-end of the floral arrangement happy, it wasn’t the same order that the sender selected. The partnership with these big flower-ordering companies wasn’t fair to us as a business or to the consumer. 

With The Bouqs, you get what you pay for. You browse through a selection of their beautiful seasonal flowers online. They cut the flowers the same day that you order it — there’s no wasted flower stems because they’ve been sitting in a bucket at a warehouse for a few days. In the end, it’s responsible farming and better quality and freshness for you!

I ordered white ranunculus blooms with Italian ruscus from The Bouqs to create a Christmas centerpiece. I received my flowers in a sturdy box and the bouquets were securely packed inside. For those that don’t know what to do with fresh flowers once you receive them, there are instructions on the side of the box.


The flowers were so fresh that the blooms were still tight!


I like making low-profile arrangements for tables — Number one, I’m short and can’t see over large arrangements; Number two, it makes for better conversations when you’re not dodging a flower arrangement to see someone’s face.

When using a wide-mouthed vase or a vase with a large opening, the best thing to do is to make a grid at the top using thin florist’s tape. This will hold the flowers in place instead of using an unsightly floral frog. Here, I just cut scotch tape in half and made a grid (I didn’t have florist’s tape on hand).


Next, add your “greens” then insert the flowers.


When I added the flowers, the buds were still tight and the arrangement didn’t look full enough. I wasn’t worried though. The next day, the buds started to open and now they look beautiful! Adding a little ribbon around a vase and embellishing some of the leaves with diamonds will add a festive touch and make your arrangement a little more special. 


In the first photo I found a branch in the backyard to create a more dramatic arrangement. (Maybe I should paint it silver. What do you think?)

You can also use unconventional items for vases. Here, I used an orphaned snowman cup as a receptacle. I made a “hand tied” bouquet and held it together with a rubber band so the blooms wouldn’t spill out of the cup. 


Bouqs cost from $40-$70 and include shipping. Create an account and receive a 20% off promo code when you sign up!


One lucky winner will receive 12 months of Bouqs! 

To enter:

  1. Register with The Bouqs and receive a 20% off discount code. Browse the site to see all of the great Bouqs you can give as a gift or to decorate your table for a party.
  2. Leave a comment below telling me who would you gift a Bouqs to and which Bouqs you would choose. Let me know why this person is so special to you!

The contest ends on Monday, December 23rd at 10am PST. 

Winner will be announced December 23rd at 3pm PST. 

 Good Luck!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by The Bouqs Company. My partnership with The Bouqs Co. does not affect my efforts to give you valuable content and honest opinions.  

7 thoughts on “Christmas Floral Arrangements with The Bouqs Co.

  1. I would gift bouqs to my mom, because she’s been a great source of inspiration for me. 🙂 I’d probably go with the “harvest moon” ones as I’m a sucker for callas.

  2. Hot lava is pretty! 🙂 So many different choices! And I’d probably give them to all the women in my family!

  3. The beautiful Bouqs would be going to my momma. She’s just started a new life in a new home as a single lady, and these would really be happy making. She would love Precious (hydrangeas) and Golden Globes (Yellow Ranunculus).

  4. I love this idea of having fresh flowers delivered every month. I think I would give one to a different friend Each month.

  5. I would love to give the flowers to my kids’ teachers – just one of those things to show them they are appreciated!

  6. What a cool site. I think I like the C’mon Get happy for its birght colors. I would make these for my six year old daughter who loves flowers and often takes time to smell the roses. (literally!)

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