2013 Year in Review

Oh 2013…

I can honestly say that this wasn’t my favorite year. A lot of things could have been better. As I reflect on the year I find that there are moments of exhilaration and other moments that caused me to slow down and appreciate what’s happening. 

First off, last year’s resolutions:

De-frumpify on a budget:

  • Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” was my theme song this year. I found some good pieces at the thrift store (I still don’t like department stores).
  • I got rid of my “frumpy” clothes and the clothes that were ill-fitting
  • I started to wear a little more make up. I’m still slightly resistant. I like being natural.

Eat better:

  • I grew my own veggies and ate them.
    mesclun greens garden
  • I started to move towards eating “whole” foods or foods that are closer to their original form. Yes, butter is back in my diet.
  • I’ve reduced the amount of processed foods that I consume.

Challenge myself:

  • I was appointed California Youth Chairman for the Catholic Daughters of the Americas (and accepted the position).
  • I’ve picked up the guitar again after a 10+ year hiatus.guitar
  • I continue to run and have trained harder this year. My goal is to Triple Crown (3 half marathons) in 2014!

Continue my journey in faith:

  • I’ve read 8 spiritual books over the past year and have started reading the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
  • I started to attend daily Mass and confession every other week. I also attend adoration when I can.
  • Singing = Praying twice! I was part of the music team for a 3-day spiritual retreat. I volunteered to play the piano and cantor at daily Mass once a week and on 5th Sundays at my old parish.
  • I consecrated myself to the Blessed Mother after a personal 33-day spiritual retreat.
  • My husband and I became friends with our awesome new pastor who is doing wonders for our parish and our own family’s faith journey. (Seriously, what priest do you know would do push-ups on video for the sake of the kids and teens? Mine does!)


My 2014 resolutions:

Get organized:

  • I need to plan my meals better.
  • I have to find a place for all this “stuff” laying around.
  • I need to figure out how to distinctly separate my home, family, and work time. (It’s tough to do when you work from home.) 


  • I need to de-clutter and rid of stuff.
  • I need to focus on a few things, rather than juggle too many things at once. “Do little things with great love.” (a la Blessed Mother Teresa)

Love more:

  • I could spare a few more hugs and kisses for my kids and husband.
  • I need to be more compassionate and charitable towards others.
  • I need to love myself more and not have a constant guilty conscience (confession helps with that!).

Do something awesome:

I’m not sure what this could be but 2014 would be a great year to do something that makes a big impact! 

So that’s my list! What’s on your’s? Share in the comments! 

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