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Last week I had the privilege of meeting the operators of the Grocery Outlet in Casa de Oro, Mark and Sherry Vargas, to learn more about their store. The store intrigued me, as I wasn’t familiar with Grocery Outlet, but had an idea of the concept. I’ve been in the store a few times to pick up some wine and some tater tots but that was the extent of my experience in the store.

It’s no doubt that their prices are quite competitive, but how can they sell items at such a great value? It’s called opportunistic purchasing. Grocery Outlet takes advantage of other companies’ errors, whether it be excessive ordering or labeling issues. That’s why you can find brand-name groceries, wines, and health and beauty products for such a great deal.

The Casa de Oro store is quite friendly and truly is a family-run store. Mark and Sherry shared that they had a lot of relatives working for them. I can attest that all the employees that I’ve dealt with were super-nice to a point that it takes me aback — no one’s that nice these days. But sure enough, every time I check out, I’m greeted by a friendly cashier who even engages my kids in conversations! I posted about my visit to Grocery Outlet on facebook and was quite happy to see all the replies from friends who shared the same sentiments that I did!


I was able to sample some items and tour the store. I was quite impressed with a few things:

Their cheese selection — I couldn’t believe the deals here!

cheese case



And of course the wines are a great but alas, I ate them before I could even bake a shortbread crust.

Each Grocery Outlet has it’s own personality. Casa de Oro has a “Lois Prices” character that the kids can find for a special treat. Plus, they have a “win what you save” contest (and you can save a lot)! They are also good stewards of the community, working with the local St. Vincent de Paul food pantry at Santa Sophia Catholic Church.

Stop by and visit sometime! You’ll be glad you did!

Grocery Outlet Casa de Oro  is located at:
9805 Campo Road Suite 110
Spring Valley, CA 91977

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Disclosure: I was compensated for this post sponsored by Grocery Outlet. I do my best to present my readers with opportunities that will benefit them. All opinions are my own. 

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