K-Pop Colors: Bubblegum Pop

This post is a part of a series of K-Pop Color Palettes. You can find a full list in the original post: Colors of K-Pop.

NCT Dream – Chewing Gum

Seasoned K-Pop fans knew this was coming. These super-talented teens are a perfect fit for this bubbly, youthful song where the colors really play into the theme. Bright pinks, baby blues, accented by pale yellows and creamsicle-oranges looks like you just poured out a jar of cake sprinkles.

HEX: #da3e95
RGB: 218, 62, 149
HEX: #dfa2ce
RGB: 223, 162, 206
HEX: #1c2394
RGB: 28, 35, 148
HEX: #56b0e3
RGB: 86, 176, 227
HEX: #abfbca
RGB: 171, 251, 202
HEX: #e8d98f
RGB: 232, 217, 143
HEX: #e6af8c
RGB: 230, 175, 140

Red Velvet – Russian Roulette

This song is has a sweet and semi-robotic boppy-ness to it and the ladies’ deadpan looks combined with the playful dance scenes fit so well with the music. The colors play into their luring sweetness with some underlying sinister motives. You will see sugary pastels with a signature pop of red that punches through each scene.

HEX: #810808
RGB: 129, 8, 8
HEX: #e15c62
RGB: 225, 92, 98
HEX: #dabcd1
RGB: 218, 188, 209
HEX: #50a5b8
RGB: 80, 165, 184
HEX: #b3d9e3
RGB: 179, 117, 227
HEX: #b5ddb8
RGB: 181, 221, 184
HEX: #b5ddb8
RGB: 249, 229,131

Got7 – Just Right

This song became a quick favorite in our family. The fun, feel-good tune, positive message (and easy dance moves) put this video on repeat on our TV. The color palette leans toward an artificially-colored cereal (also featured in this video). It has a color palette that you can almost taste — sweet oranges and yellows, strawberry pink, and a pop of slightly muted primary colors.

HEX: #d98f53
RGB: 217, 143, 83
HEX: #e0db73
RGB: 224, 219, 115
HEX: #c86887
RGB: 200, 104, 135
HEX: #34773e
RGB: 52, 119, 62
HEX: #62cdc7
RGB: 98, 205, 199
HEX: #24525d
RGB: 36, 82, 93
HEX: #aa3943
RGB: 170, 57, 67

Are there any other candy-colored videos to consider? Let me know in the comments!

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