What’s Playing – 4/1/21

If you ask me what kind of music I listen to you won’t get a straight answer. Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of K-Pop and R&B, but I’ve been known to chill to Latin jazz, classical music, rock out 90’s alternative, dance to hip-hop, raise my hands to Christian music, and vibe to yacht rock. Yes, country music is in there, too.

I’ve got a few songs stuck in my head lately. This week my vibe is kind of eclectic.

Bambi – Baekhyun

Baekhyun never disappoints. He flexes his soulful vocals on this latest comeback. It’s a perfect song to drink wine to. The mini-album is a gem as well. All the songs are good and really focuses on his vocal gymnastics. Oh, to riff like him…

Leave the Door Open – Silk Sonic (Anderson .Paak & Bruno Mars)

I love everything about this song – the performance, the vocals, the harmonies and song progression that throws back to 70’s soul music. This is the sound of my childhood and I’m loving it.

Action Figure – WayV

I tend to like B-sides more than the title tracks. The horns, the hook, harmonies and the beat just make me want to dance. I’ve been singing “so drippy, so drippy” all week.

Mentiras – Alaina Castillo

This is not necessarily a new song, but every time I start cooking, cleaning or even when I look at my guitar, I want to sing this song. Her delivery is so passionate and soft at some points and the Latin guitar is such a beautiful touch. The song is way too short in my opinion.

Teka Lang – Emman

I have yet to find some good Filipino Pop music (P-Pop) but I’ve been enjoying quite a few Filipino R&B artists. Teka Lang translates to “just wait.” Although I’m not fluent when speaking Filipino/Tagalog, I can still understand the language. This song is a vibe and you can understand the meaning of the song without translations.

What kind of music do you listen to? Leave me a comment below if you want me to check out some of your favorite artists!!

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