NCT / SuperM Taeyong “Grape-Yong” Meme Enamel Pin

Gold-plated, full-color hard enamel, with cutouts and 2 rubber pin-backs.

$14.00 + Tax

48 in stock


An original design inspired by Super M’s Behind the Scenes in Dubai. The NCT / SuperM Taeyong “Grape-Yong” Enamel Pin highlights one of our favorite “exhibitionists” being censored by grapes.

The pin features a cutout oval frame, gold-plating, and hard-enamel filling which gives a smooth, glossy finish. Each pin has two pin backs with rubber clutches to ensure stability and proper positioning.

$14.00 + Tax

48 in stock

Additional information

Dimensions .375 × 1.5 × 2 in
SKU NCTSM_ty_grape_1221-a


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