My Little Robot

Mya wanted to be a robot for Halloween this year. She’s been talking about it since August. I was quite excited to hear about her costume. I’ve always wanted to do something with cardboard boxes.

I made her costume out of a kitty litter box, silver wrapping paper, thumb tacks, circuit boards, dryer ducting, $2.75 worth of stretchy silver fabric, an old headband and of course, aluminum foil. I ended up having to modify the costume last minute to make it more comfortable for her. I just added some cotton batting to the inside of the box so that it balances better and pads her shoulders.

Big thanks to “Mr. Jerry” for the motherboard and sound card. It really made the costume!

Unfortunately, Mya wasn’t really in a good mood that day. She had a pain in her right leg and some rashes – which we found out later was shingles. She didn’t feel like dressing up at school but reluctantly dressed up for trick-or-treating at the mall. She was a hit, though. Everyone commented on what a great costume it was.

What a trooper – I wish we would have known about the shingles before Halloween.

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