Back from a hiatus – Brayden’s Quilt

Yes, I know it’s been months since I’ve last posted something. But I promise you that more things are coming!! I’ve been on hiatus since having the baby, the holidays, then a crazy hectic schedule with some church events and work. But I promised myself that I’d find time to work on a project during my down time.

I had little bits of down time last week and have been intermittently working of this quilt. This quilt has a story…

My good friend, Mary, was having a baby boy and I had offered to help plan her shower along with her friend. Needing inspiration, I looked towards fabric and found this super cute Michael Miller fabric called “Silhouette Boys.” It had coordinating fabric and everything! So I started pulling together some ideas and came up with the inspiration board below:

So the party ended up revolving around the blue and brown color and this “Boy” fabric. I even made invitations to match (A brown ribbon was tied to the top):

I bought the blue boy fabric and the brown fabric with the blue dots to use as decoration for the party. I turned them into table runners and wrapped some cylindrical flower vases with the fabric. Unfortunately, I was so busy at the party that I forgot to take pics!!

I had the intent of using the fabric to make a quilt… and I actually did – in record time!! This came out to approximately 36″ x 46″ – a good crib quilt size. I had the blue “boy silhouette” fabric, the dots and even the white fabric was the tablecloth at the party. I went to my friend, Pam, again to dig through her stash and found a black fabric with gold printing for my border. I was afraid that it wouldn’t really match up since the silhouettes were a very dark brown but I think it worked out quite well.

I machine-quilted this bad-boy with my 301. It was the first time I tried stippling (thanks to Crazy Mom Quilts for giving me courage to try it). Some areas were looser than others but overall it turned out okay.

My favorite part is the back. I messed up my measurements, cutting 2.5″ strips instead of 1.5″. So I had a whole bunch of 1″ strips laying around after fixing my mistake. I pieced those strips together to make the band on the bottom half. I pieced the rest of the leftover fabric and I nearly used up all my fabric! I love it when it works out that way. The quilting really stands out on the black fabric – you can see my stippling and crosshatching on the squares. Oh, and of course, I had to label my quilt. I finally bought muslin and freezer paper – now I have to label Mya’s quilt, too.

Well, this was quilt #3 for me. I’m getting the hang of it. I still have to work on pinning my “quilt sandwich.” I had a few areas that were bunched up and was real frustrated with myself. One day, I’ll have a totally flat quilt… one day.Oh, I have to add… Brayden was born this past Monday, March 30th. The quilt was finished on the 29th. Good timing, eh?Next up on my project list:

  • Easter’s coming!! It’s one of my favorite times of the year since I can make Spring treats!
  • I went to an awesome garage sale and bought a Bernina serger for $50!! I’ll show you an easy grocery bag using one piece of fabric (no serger needed for it, but having it is nice).
  • Mya needs jeans. Pam recommended a good pattern and I’m going to face my fear of making pants (story on that to come).

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