I’m one of those moms…

Do you remember when you were a kid, you had that ONE classmate whose birthday you looked forward to because her/his mom would bring a pretty cool treat to class? Well I think I’m turning into that mom. I always sign up to bring snacks for Mya’s school parties. For Valentine’s day, I brought nicely decorated heart-shaped sugar cookies, on Halloween, I brought Bakerella-inspired pumpkin pops. So I signed up again for the Thanksgiving party and brought these turkey cookies.

I’ve seen these done before in various ways. But I liked the contents of this version – not too many candy corn (which I have a love-hate relationship with) and lots of chocolate! Mya actually helped me with this. It’s basically a fudge-stripe cookie, a peanut butter cup, candy corn, and a Dove chocolate piece. I melted two Dove chocolates in a sandwich bag and used it for “glue.”

Mya was able to help me with this, I piped on the chocolate “glue” and Mya put all the pieces in place. The key to getting the Dove chocolate to stick to the bottom is by attaching it while the turkey is still on it’s back.

The kids in her class LOVED this. What a departure from… whatever they were getting before!

2 thoughts on “I’m one of those moms…

  1. Ha! I’m right there with you!
    My son hasn’t started school yet, but I’m already the crazy daycare mom that brings over the top treats!
    Good for you!

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