Cupcake Party Plans

I am planning TWO birthday parties this year!! My baby’s going to be one in October and Mya will be five. Mya had picked out a cupcake theme for her sister and has already planned her own party (ya think she takes after me?). Since we are going to be rather busy in the coming months I had to start planning early.

I’m a fan of making inspiration boards. I’m also a fan of fabric. Lately my inspiration has come from fabrics. In the center is a Robert Kaufman fabric—I believe it’s called Cupcakes from the Confection series with a coordinating Jimmies Sprinkle fabric. Hovering below the fabrics are colors I intend to use for the party. I’m just itchin’ to get my hands on that fabric. I already have an idea of what to do with it after the party.

The party images on the top right are from a “Cupcake Par-tea.” Invitations are from Williams-Sonoma but I plan to make my own, possibly using the Jimmies sprinkles. What would a cupcake party be without inspiration from Hello Naomi and Bakerella?!? The cupcakes are so adorable and the cupcake pops are a great idea for party favors. I’ve also included some cupcake-inspired images from a few Etsy stores. I’m not a tu-tu kind of gal but I think little Solana would be adorable in it.This theme is rather girly of me but it’s fun to step out of my comfort zone. I’m not quite sure how this will translate into a 1-year-old birthday party just yet. I’ll have to write up a guest list and see what the age range is so that everyone will enjoy it.

On another note… my project status
I haven’t quite yet gotten to all the projects that I’ve been intending to do. Work has me swamped as well as volunteer and social commitments. Not to mention my family needs attention, too! So I have been doing things on an on-demand basis, like making nursing covers (aka “hooter hiders”) and crayon rolls for gifts. I have some fabric that’s been cut and ready to sew, I have dresses and skirts that are ready to be hemmed and taken in (if you knew how short I am, “normal-length” dresses look ridiculous on me)—My sewing machine is beckoning me.

I hope everyone’s enjoying their July!

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