What’s in a Box?

So many things!!

I’m jumping the gun with this post as this project is for a future gift for someone. But I couldn’t wait. Since my life has been quite hectic I would probably forget to take photos and give the gift away without one last memory except for the scraps that came out of it.

I apologize for the grainy/fuzzy pics. I was losing natural light and my ISO was a wee bit high.

So on with the show…

Sushi anyone?
How about some noodles with beef?
Perhaps a snack of sugar snap peas, gyoza, strawberries or a cookie would be your speed?

Felt food is so much fun. I started making felt food when I was pregnant with Solana – I wanted to make cookies to go with Mya’s tea set and surprise her with them as a gift after Solana’s birth. Then I started doing felt food searches on Etsy and boy, did my head get filled with ideas!

So why Japanese food? First off, I like eating it (real food, not felt). But really…when Mya started eating lunch at school I went to Daiso and picked up a bento box ($1.69 – can’t beat that!) so that she didn’t have to deal with bulky tupperware in her lunchbox. Me being me and having to research everything, I looked up what usually goes in a bento box and found Lunch in a Box and was intrigued. I didn’t realize that bento boxes are usually stuffed. Well, I would never stuff Mya’s bento that much – she probably couldn’t eat all of it (unless it was full of egg-salad sandwich). So I figured that the next best thing to making a full bento is to do it with felt food.

All the food was hand-sewn (no glue). I didn’t even use a sewing machine. It probably would be hard to use with such intricate work. I mostly did a blanket stitch around the seams with the exception of the strawberries. The noodles were the easiest thing – they’re just 1/4 inch strips of felt.

This is a dual-purpose gift – you can play with the felt food or set it aside and fill up the bento with real food. It’s great for trips to the zoo, amusement park, or anywhere where you wouldn’t want to buy expensive amusement park food. I’d probably fill mine with what the Filipinos call baon (pronounced Bah-ohn) which is usually rice with some kind of mixed vegetables and meat in a sauce. Then on the bottom (smaller portion) I’d put some cookies, crackers or cut veggies.

So here it is all together… in a bento:

I’m working on more food—A cake as a matter of fact. It’s quite cathartic sewing this all by hand. It’s like sewing the binding on a quilt… except this travels better. I can sew these little things while having tea or coffee with my friends.

2 thoughts on “What’s in a Box?

  1. Oh, these are SO adorable! I love sushi, and I love felt. You did such a wonderful job sewing them, too. Amazing!!

  2. Looks great! Found your site by googl-ing “fabric play house”. Cute playhouse also. You’re a crafty chick.

    You should add an RSS feed so I can follow you. Or follow by email…

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