Latest Treats – A quick post

This is just a quick post…

Record and music notes for my friend, Julie of Lot116’s daughter’s “Shake, Rattle, and Roll” 5th Birthday (Wow, that was a mouth-full!). She and her sisters throw such awesome parties and they’re so well-planned! I really enjoy attending parties with a plan. Here are more party pictures from her blog. Julie is a VERY talented and popular photographer here in San Diego – which is why she’s booked for the rest of this year (wow)!
Easter Cupcakes with bunnies and eggs. I used a Swiss Meringue Buttercream and it was very smooth and tasty (not too sweet). Thank you, Aunt Cheryl, for the idea!
Sugar Cookies, of course! This is my “Easter Pops revisited.” I had some special vintage Easter cookie cutters given to me by my friend, Pam. Plus a dainty butterfly that I couldn’t pass up when I saw it at World Market. My very first “real post” on this blog was about Easter sugar cookies. And this would be my last in this format…
I’m rebuilding this blog to be bigger and better!
I’ve been working on it between projects so it’s been taking quite some time. I have plans to post at least every other week (more often than now). I’m also planning on including some PDF templates and tutorials as well as other fun stuff.

On another note, Easter was quite eventful and bittersweet. Not only was it Easter, it was my youngest daughter’s first egg hunt experience, we experienced the longest and strongest earthquake I’ve ever felt (7.2 magnitude about 100 miles away, everyone’s okay – only stuff fell off shelves), and the most saddest was my grandfather’s passing that same evening (he was a long-lived 89).

We’ve been feeling a lot of aftershocks from the earthquake and our oldest daughter is still a little scared. Plus, we’ve been helping with some preparations for my grandfather’s funeral. So it may be another few weeks until I can launch the new site. Until then, hug your kids and tell the ones close to you how much you love them.

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