Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED “I am Leese” turned “Making it Sweet” blog!!

I’ve been wanting to change the format of my blog for quite a while and have been working on this in between projects. There are still some buggy things I need to fix, but other than that, it’s mostly complete! Please excuse some technical issues as I play around with the layouts and such.

I’ve been rather busy lately with work and side projects. Side projects such as…. COOKIES! Yes, I’ve been making a lot of sugar cookies lately. So here’s the latest:

Castle Cookies

I apologize for the grainy/fuzzy pic. One day I’ll learn how to use my DSLR to its full potential. These are castle and princess wand cookies for a 3 year old birthday party. They were fun to do since I don’t get to make “girly” stuff too often. Yes, I have girls of my own but aside from the cupcakery house I made, they’re more into robots and worms right now.

To celebrate my new blog…

I’m giving away ONE DOZEN custom sugar cookies to one lucky winner within the Continental US! Just leave a comment below and a way for me to contact you and tell me how you “make things sweet!” For example… Are you a crafty person who likes to make handmade-gifts for friends? Do you often volunteer for a charity? Are you an artist or musician? Are you a parent who’s making sure your family is safe, healthy and happy? Tell me about it!

A winner will be chosen at random on May 25th, 2010.

So, now that I have this new blog up, I guess I need to post more often, right?! I’m crossing my fingers that I can do it. I do plan to put more tutorials and patterns on here. Plus I’d like to feature the “sweet stuff” that YOU do!

20 thoughts on “My NEW and IMPROVED blog!! + CONTEST

  1. Does my business name count as a way to make things sweet? If no, I have to say I have the sweeeetest clients ever!

  2. I make things sweet by capturing the bond between families, those first precious days with a newborn, the amazing and gorgeous glow of pregnancy, those silly and goofy faces from little ones, that crazy love between couples, and basically all of the little things that make my clients’ lives amazing 🙂

    On top of that….i’m a pretty kick ass mom, i’ve donated sessions for charity, donated $$ to charity, etc 🙂

  3. Ok, after seeing the amazing cookie favors you made for Leslie, I’m SOLD! I’m deffo hiring you for Jacob’s b-day. Fortunately (unfortunately?) his b-day is 10 months away! 🙂

  4. I forgot to answer the question … LOL! I make things sweet by being a huge pushover. It’s 8PM (bedtime) & we’re leaving to go get fro yo :/

  5. I make disadvantaged kids who normally have a tough facade sweet by teaching them to read. My self-proclaimed “gangsta” kids have turned into sweet, studious kids.

    I am a volunteer reading tutor, and Girl Scouts leader. If I win these cookies, I’d give them to my daughter’s teacher who is a phenomenal woman that teaches love, kindness, and philanthropy on top of the regular academics.

  6. I’m not a regular mom. I’m a bunny mom! I have three little bunnies. I make things sweet by petting them everyday, giving them nose rubs and massages! 🙂

  7. I make things sweet by sending care packages to my nieces who live out of town. Last week I shipped off a bunch of fun oragami paper so they could make some fun craft projects.

  8. I make things sweet by volunteering my sewing skills for the Neonatal Intensive care unit. I sew isolette covers, snugglies, and make fleece covers for premature infants 🙂

  9. Sweet cookies!!!

    I make things sweet by capturing priceless moments and special bonds. Mommies are rarely ever on the other side of the camera, so being the one that is able to snap those special shots that will be cherished forever makes me feel great. I have donated my photography to auctions supporting charitiy organizations as well.

    These cookies wouldn’t be for me or my sweet kids, they would go straight to the SD Ronald McDonald House, a house that needs as much sweetness as possible, and for two months, made things sweet for us, something we will always be greatful for.

  10. I’d like to win, but only to have you deliver cookies (as many as you’d like) to our wounded soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines recovering at the Naval Hospital in San Diego. I have enjoyed your cookies at my grand-daughter’s birthday party…we all know her as “PJ.”

  11. Wow! You are SO talented! I love both your Cookie Monster Cake and the princess wands! My girls would love those! We are most definitely in a princess phase! We will be in touch in November for my girls birthday parties!

    I am making Science Sweet everyday as a Science teacher of 1st through 5th graders! My goal is to make them love Science by exploring it in a hands-on way – textbooks are thrown out the window 😉

  12. I have a huge sweet tooth which both of my sons have inherited. I keep things sweet by baking on a regular basis…. is doesn’t do any good for my waistline, but is puts smiles on our faces!

  13. First off, congratulations Leese!

    I love the word “sweet”. I think everyone deserves something sweet everyday, edible or not.

    How I make it sweet can vary. It could be a student of mine who didn’t get to eat breakfast so I give him/her something from my sweet stash or giving a colleague something sweet to satisfy their fix or even if it means the little kisses from your little ones or sweet embrace from your beloved.

    I make it sweet as often as I can, always in all ways. It is how I aim to be more and more like God. Treat others how you would like to be treated. I like the sweet treatment, sweet somethings that I definitely savor forevermore.

  14. Love, love the cookie creations that you make!

    For someone who is not a baker (as you know), I recently started to make cupcakes. I’ve been experimenting for son’s birthday and since I’ve been successful, I’ve been baking cupcakes like crazy. So I’ve been fulfilling the “sweet” tooth of my friends, family, and coworkers:)

    Can’t wait to see more of your work!!

  15. Love, Love, Love how Bradys cake and favors turned out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Between Leslie and your talents an amazing job.
    I work with special ed. adults everyday and try to make a (small difference in their lives).

  16. Love your new blog, Leese!!!

    I have the sweetest tooth ever. Once I thought it would be great to own my own bakeshop…then I remebered I’m not really at bakng. HAHA! Quality control (aka taste tester) would be the job for me. Haha!

    Anyhoo, all you’re projects inspire me to one day attempt something creative. 🙂 Oh and I’ll definitely keep you in mind when it’s time to plan our next party.

  17. Love your cookies!!!! Hmmm, I try to include a little “sweetness” in every day. I put a lunchbox note in my daughter’s lunch every day, I love all the “little touches.”

  18. I just wanted to comment that Sophie is just the sweetest person. She is giving and just a fun friendly person to be around. Her choice to donate to the Ronald McDonald Charity is just a testament to how “sweet” she is.

    I loved reading your old blog and look forward to seeing your new creations. 🙂

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