Me Want COOKIE (and cake)!!

Cookie Monster Cake

Cookie Monster has got to be one of my favorite Muppets. He’s got googly eyes, is blue and fuzzy, has a huge mouth to fit a lot of treats, always has cookies on his mind… a monster after my own heart! I often do his, “Nom, nom, nom, nom…” whenever pretending to eat “food” in front of the kids.

I’ve decorated a few cakes for Leslie, mostly with frozen transfers. I got quite excited to do a cookie monster cake and knew that my grass piping tip (#233 Wilton or #133 Ateco) would be perfect for his fur. Leslie also bought a “monster head” cookie cutter so I could use it on her cookies. What a great cutter – and versatile too!

I considered doing the frozen transfer method on this cake – even attempted it, but failed. This was an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins with Pastry Pride (fake whipped cream which is mostly water) as the icing. Since I use buttercream (fat), the transfer would NOT transfer. It was literally like oil and water. The good thing is that I only did the outline of Cookie Monster when creating the frozen transfer. When I placed it on the cake it stamped the outline without transferring the color. I then got out my piping bag and carefully traced what was left. It was a bit of a challenge since the icing wanted didn’t want to stick and had the tendency to just hang off the piping tip. The fun part was using the grass piping tip. It covers faster than you’d realize! I had to go in between the eyes and smaller areas with a #2 round tip. I love the effect on his fuzzy hands.

Cookie Monster Detail


Whenever I make sugar cookies with a specialty cookie cutter, I always outline the cutter onto a piece of paper and experiment with the “art” on the cookie. Believe it or not, I went through a few iterations of cookie monster… first following the edges as is, then adding more “scallops” to the edges, then changing the mouth a few times, changing the size of the eyes, changing it’s “googliness… ” you get the picture.  Finally, I came up with this. Each has their own personality, don’t they?

cookie monster cookies in box

Black icing always makes me nervous. The color tends to bleed so I have to make sure that the royal icing fully dries before adding another color. When I add another color, I make sure it’s the right consistency (not too runny) so that it doesn’t dissolve the dried black icing and cause it to bleed. I use Americolor Rich Black Soft Gel Paste. It creates a bold black without emptying the whole bottle.

I gave these to Leslie in a box and she packaged them into favors. Look how cute they turned out!! (The following pictures were taken by Leslie Slakoff, that’s why they look a lot better than mine!)

Cookie Monster Favors in Basket

Cookie Monster Favor

JUST A REMINDER! The contest is still going on!! So far I have a whopping ONE comment! LOL. Gwen’s going to get the cookies if you don’t post!! You have until May 25th to comment by clicking here! Just do it (tell your friends, too)! You can’t beat free cookies (and custom ones at that)!

I can’t end this post without an insightful quote from Cookie Monster…

“Cookies are only ‘sometimes food.’ But that ‘some time’ is NOW!! Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom…”

3 thoughts on “Me Want COOKIE (and cake)!!

  1. Ok, so I’ll admit to partly hoping no one else would comment so I could win! lol Hey, I’m a generous person until you get in between me and sweet treats! 😉 lol

    In all seriousness though, I love your work and would be interested in working with you for some sweetness for my girl’s bday in September. Should one be interested in your services, how would one go about doing just that? 🙂

  2. What adorable cookie monster cookies and cake! I have always been a fan of cookie monster myself or as my son calls him “cookie monter.”

  3. When I saw these on Leslie’s page I had to know where she got them from. You are VERY talented! Adorable Cookie Monster cake and cookies!!!

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