Congratulations, Graduates!

A quick post to start off the month of June…

Mortarboard cap cookies
(I apologize for the poor image. This was from a point and shoot camera. I couldn’t locate my DSLR.)

I had a last-minute request for graduation sugar cookies and didn’t have time to hunt for a mortarboard cap cookie cutter. I remembered that I had leftover copper strips from making a robot cookie cutter for my daughter and decided to have a second get-go at making a cutter. I formed the copper into a mortarboard cap by following a drawing that I made, stuck it together with 3M permanent adhesive tape and cured it in the oven at 200°F for two hours. I was cutting cookies that night!  This was much easier to form my second time around—and I didn’t lose a finger!

Here’s the cookie cutter:

mortarboard cap cookie cutter

My friend gave me a cookie cutter kit a few years ago and I had a good amount of copper left over. But if you want to try this at home, I believe you can get the copper at your local hardware store and you can definitely find them online. Now that I have this, I think I’ll be making more caps in the near future. High school graduations are coming up!

2 thoughts on “Congratulations, Graduates!

  1. Those turned out so cute! Awesome job on the custom cutter! Was that for a party on Saturday (for Heather’s brother)? The blue and orange color scheme looks familiar 🙂 …I did the favor tags and cupcake picks and those are the colors I used too!

    P.S. I posted a response to your question on my blog…

  2. Hi, Katie!

    Yes, I did these for Heather. She told me that you were making the tags and picks. I can’t wait to see them! She’s supposed to send me a photo of the packaging.

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