Contest Winner Cookies

I totally lagged on this project. Sophia was picked as my contest winner back in May and she finally got her cookies today. I have been quite busy over the summer – more than I expected. So I had to put this on the back-burner. I even made several batches of dough that have gone to waste since I couldn’t use them in time to bake. Sophia had mentioned that she had guests coming into town on Oct. 1st and that she would love to share to cookies with them. It worked out perfectly because I had set a “bake date” with some friends the weekend prior to my deadline.

My goal was to get the cookies to her by the Sept. 30th so that she could share them with her visitors.  I shipped them on September 27th but lo and behold, there was some mail confusion and she got it almost two weeks later. I’m just glad they made it, but I feel bad that she couldn’t share them with her friends.

When I asked Sophia what her interests were she said “Old VW campervans, camping, greyhounds, maps and globes…” So I immediately wanted to do a VW Campervan. Then a camping theme came to my head. So I made campfires, tents and sleeping bags to go along with them. Since I hoped to get this to her prior to her guests arrival, I thought that making colorful frames would be fun, perhaps to use dinner place cards or for placing a memorable photo. I think I’m going to use this idea for other things! Here they are before they made it into the box:

Camping Theme Cookies:

VW Campervan, fire, sleeping bag and tent

Cookie Frames:

The frames stood up on their own and the inserts could be removed from the top. They were two layers of cookies with a little “kickstand” attached by royal icing. It could fit a 2″x2″ paper.

I was quite happy to use my “forbidden” silver dragées.  It was fun to add a little extra twinkle to the cookies. Sophia, I hope you enjoy these cookies! They were very fun to make!

2 thoughts on “Contest Winner Cookies

  1. Thanks again! Still can’t believe how adorable and perfect the VW camper vans turned out! My husband want to figure out a way if they can be “preserved” for Christmas tree ornaments, they are so awesome.

    Wishing you continued success with Making it Sweet.

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