Shoe Pouch

A.K.A. “little pouches that you string through your shoe laces”

I chuckle as I type that (thanks, Mimy).

One of my resolutions this year was to start running again. I ran many many years ago, but after two bad sprains in college I was hesitant to run again because the pain would come back. Luckily, I have awesome, encouraging friends who enjoy running. Per their suggestion, I got fitted for proper shoes – boy what a difference! Soon enough I started gearing up with waist packs, something to hold my GPS and… a shoe pouch.

I never really needed a shoe pouch since my friend would drive and I didn’t have to worry about carrying keys. But when I started running without her I learned the hard way. You see, I don’t usually carry a hydration pack with me for runs under 5 miles which means I don’t have something to hold my keys when I want to do shorter runs. When I ran with another friend a few weeks ago, I tied my key fob to my shoe laces. I developed a 6-inch bruise from the fob constantly hitting my ankle. So I sent a message out on Facebook for any suggestions for key storage. A friend suggested “those little pouches that you string through your shoe laces.” Soon enough a link followed that led to the Road ID shoe pouch. The concept was simple enough.

Of course, me being me (thrifty), I didn’t want to drop $14 bucks on a little fabric pouch. So I started digging in my fabric scraps hoping to find leftover black duck cloth (canvas). But nope… all that was left was pink and white duck fabric left over from this project. White would definitely get dirty so I chose pink (regardless of me not being “pink” kind of gal). I dug a bit more and found some scraps to make binding. I grabbed some velcro I had laying around and went to work.

I made this rather quickly and without the use of pins, hence the sloppy sewing. It was an easy and satisfying project—and it works! (At least it did with my run this morning.)