Girl’s Swimsuit Cover-Up

Wow, 2 months since my last post! Well, I know I’ve had projects between now and then – mostly summer-related (and undocumented). Well here’s a project I whipped up last night.

Summer’s in full-swing and we have been hitting the beach and pools. I think back to how many times we’ve stopped into stores/restaurants on the way home from the beach or spray park/pool and my girls were still in their bathing suits. I soon realized that my kids need a cover-up for our upcoming vacation (and future beach visits).

I’m currently planning an eco-friendly dinner with my Catholic Daughters group and I had the idea of “re-use” and “upcycling” on my mind. I remembered that I had a few unused hooded towels laying around from when Mya was baby. You know this kind…

It’s stretchy and too thin to soak up anything. I’ve been saving these to make burp cloths for gifts (I’ve already used 1 out of the 3 that was in the package). But it’s been a while since I’ve made something for a baby shower so these towels have been sitting in my “miscellaneous (non-cotton) fabric” bin. I also had leftover cotton fabric from 2 skirts I made for Mya and a friend a few months ago. I used that fabric for the trim and the straps.

So in the end, it came out like the photo below. Mya’s cover-up had to be “pieced” together ┬áin 4 parts since I didn’t have enough of the terry cloth to make two big pieces. So it kind of looks like a princess-cut. I put this together like “pillow case” dress – it was real easy to do. The hardest part was matching the rigid cotton trim to the stretchy towel. Now my girls can look presentable in public places!


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