Little Animal House

The last of my hand made gifts (for now). This is a carry-around animal house with two cute little friends inside. The gift was for my friend’s 1-year old so it had to be toddler-friendly. I really winged it on this one. I saw a photo online of a similar house and reduced the size to fit two stuffed toys.

I made my own pattern for the stuffed toys. They’re charming, aren’t they? They fit perfectly in a 1-year-old’s hand and are easy to carry around. I probably would put some kind of “heavy stuffing” next time so that there’s a little more weight to it. I just haven’t found what would be beanie-ish. I’ve considered rice but fear that it would get wet and gross (kids chew on stuff).  So I’m open to any suggestions!

Have you made gifts for the Christmas? Post a link of what you’ve made below! I just might feature it here!

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