Custom Boys T-Shirts

Boys are tough to make crafts for. They probably wouldn’t want a cute little doll house or a frilly apron. So what do I turn to? Clothes, t-shirts to be exact.

(Oh so boring.)

Not so.

When you use my easy applique technique, the possibilities are endless.

My nephew LOVES… like really loves… Minecraft. I’m sure some of your kids do, too (my daughter plays it). I don’t know much about the game but my older nephew made a pumpkin that looked like a “creeper”—whatever that is. Searching the internet led to $20 t-shirts that looked like a character out of the Atari days.

My friend’s son loves Lego Ninjago and I stumbled across the “eyes” image and figured I’d  make a shirt out of that technique.

The result:

The edges of the applique were both satin stitched on to the shirt. I just used a straight stitch on the eyes of the Ninjago character (a satin stitch would be too big for the small areas).

These were quick and cost-effective gifts that had a GREAT reaction — my nephew got all googly-eyed and rubbed his face with the shirt for about 30 seconds.

Yeah, I think he liked it.

One thought on “Custom Boys T-Shirts

  1. I bought mine and yes £20 – I got his gamertag on the back too – so simple to make I just really haven’t got time. Yours look amazing.

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