Pretty Girl’s Apron

Last Saturday I stayed up until 4:30am on Sunday morning to finish my home made Christmas gifts. I find that I spend more time thinking of the execution of a project than the time it takes to make the actual project. So it all added up that night and I was in a narcoleptic stupor for a few days. So if this post is incomprehensible, its probably because I dozed off for a bit 🙂 .

I made these aprons for my friend’s twin girls who are about the same size as my oldest daughter. I used my daughter’s kid-sized apron as a pattern and modified the bottom — so instead of having a square edge, the bottom of the apron was curved. The straps on the neck and around the waist if you haven’t done so already! Once I hit 100, this just might be a giveaway (or perhaps a mommy/daughter set)!

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