Race to the finish! A running mom-to-be’s baby shower

I’ve been following the blog, “Chick Named Chuck” for about a year now. I don’t quite remember how I found it—Perhaps it was a search for insights on local races since the blogger is an avid runner based in San Diego. In mid-2012, “Chuck” (whose real name is Meg) revealed that she was pregnant and was still running. She and her husband, Jared, aptly nicknamed the baby, “B.O.B.” which stands for “baby on board.”  I spotted her running with a little baby belly at the 2012 AFC Half Marathon (she was passing me, of course)! Her husband cheered her along, carrying a sign that read, “Go Chuck and Bob: Running for 2.” And you know what, she “Triple Crowned” that year.

Yeah, this “chick” is rad.

Meg recently had a baby shower thrown by her friends, Amanda, Julie, and Sarah. The theme reflected her love of running. I was quite impressed with all the details and how how chic everything looked. The color scheme was a mod soft gray, white and yellow — It was perfect Decorate “Race Bibs” for the baby[/caption]

I thought the motivation posters were a great idea. How clever is this? Posters are fun to spot at a race and I can see them displaying these posters in the delivery room.



I was especially touched by this “positive thought” book. Distance running is a mind game and it really helps to focus on something with every mile. Delivering a baby is quite comparable. And motherhood…. well, let’s just say that encouraging thoughts are always helpful.


You can read all about the party on Meg’s blog, “Chick Named Chuck” and follow her journey into motherhood (while running).

I wish you a smooth delivery, Meg! You got this!


2 thoughts on “Race to the finish! A running mom-to-be’s baby shower

  1. This is so awesome, Leese!!!! So well written and touching and I loved reliving the shower (again!) through your perspective 🙂 Made my day!

  2. that’s so awesome! very creative thing and wonderful for someone who really loves running! You chose a great topic to write on, Melissa! Love reading about this kind of stuff.

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