Keeping Traditions Alive With See’s Candies


Dear Mary See,

I wonder what my childhood would be like without you. There wouldn’t be any Scotchmallows that my sister and I would fight over. I wouldn’t have willingly shared a paper cup of chocolate if it weren’t for your Milk Patties (2 pieces per cup / 2 girls = happy kids). I also wouldn’t have thought of Valentine’s day as anything special up until that time I received that small, heart-shaped box full of See’s candies from my dad. 

Holidays to me meant that a pristine, white box accented with gold and black embossing would be sitting at the table. My mom worked at the hospital and would receive a box as a Christmas gift every year. I vividly recall sitting with my family in front of our TV on New Year’s Day, watching the Rose Parade while devouring a 2-pound box of See’s Nuts and Chews. Then my sister and I would take turns popping the bubble lining placed on top of the candies. We always looked forward to that.


Of course, there was Easter. My sister and I would each receive a beautifully decorated chocolate or peanut butter egg. My eyes told me I could eat the whole thing in one sitting, but my stomach thought otherwise. After a few years I realized that it was wise to slice it up and save some for later. 

Every time I see a box of See’s I think about these traditions and yearn to walk into one of your storefronts with the black and white tiles and stand in line while drooling over the smell of chocolate in the air.  

Bloggers at See's Candies
Bloggers at See’s Candies

This past Thursday I had the opportunity to preview the new See’s Candies store in Fashion Valley Mall with some fellow bloggers. I also took my sister with me (you know, because of the whole,  “2 girls / chocolate” thing). We had such a good time and are appreciative of your staff who made it a fun experience.

My sister, Claire and I

My sister and I both look forward to walking in your stores in the mall. There’s nothing like getting a quick sweet treat to “take the edge off” or fuel us up while shopping. It’s nice to cool off and get a free and sign up for their newsletter to receive the latest specials. You can also follow them on Twitter: @seescandies

Disclosure: I was invited to a private event to preview the new See’s Candies location in Fashion Valley. I was also given delicious treats as a gift! Obviously, I’ve been eating See’s since I was a kid so all stories and opinions are my own.

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  1. I am a firm believe there will be a 24 hr. no currency needed See’s in heaven! Viva Milk Chocolate Bordeaux!!!

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