Lenten Challenge: Day 1



Day 1: It was Ash Wednesday and I took the kids with me to evening Mass. Sitting in Mass with two kids is not the easiest thing to do. At least the older one can sit still — sort of.  She’s still a squirmy in her own little way. The younger one had a hard time at Mass — especially since her friend from school was sitting behind her.

You're lucky to be seeing this photo. I normally don't like taking selfies.
You’re lucky to be seeing this photo. I normally don’t like taking selfies.

5 things God has blessed me with yesterday:

  1. Seeing my 5-year-old look forward to going to Mass because she was anticipating her friend being there.
  2. Hearing a great homily about fasting by Fr. Jacob and getting to sing a little bit of “Lay it Down” by Matt Maher during Mass.
  3. Having my parents live nearby so that my brother-in-law could drop off my nephew’s guitar amp for me to borrow.
  4. Seeing my adorable 3-year-old niece who thought it would be nice to get my kids some toys (and told grandpa to buy it for them).
  5. Confidence to walk in public with my ashes on my forehead.  

Something that I did that I don’t like doing:
I did two:

  1. Laundry — especially the white load. I don’t like the white load…. all those socks!
  2. I diffused a parking lot dispute at my kids’ school. I don’t like confrontation and I would never get between a fight. But I had to for this one since there were kids around witnessing adults arguing heatedly amongst each other.

40-day challenge list:
Read John 18:1-19:42
Listened to Lay it Down by Matt Maher
Listened to I Run to the Cross by Sarah Kroger (who sounds like Audrey Assad)

Day 1 done. So far so good. 

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