Lenten Challenge: Day 2


Day 2: I traveled to Visalia, CA for a Catholic Daughters of the Americas State Conference. I didn’t get much sleep since my daughter decided that 3:30am was a good time to wake up. Well, someone’s anticipating daylight savings time! The good news was that I wasn’t traveling alone and the lack of sleep wasn’t going to affect me.

5 things God has blessed me with yesterday:

  1. My friend, Dee, who drove me and two other women to the conference.
  2. Finding two adorable notes in my purse from my daughters.
  3. A husband who allows me to do my thang as the CDA State Youth Chairman — even with all the time away from family.
  4. A clean room and comfortable hotel bed.
  5. A little free time to just be in the moment…

Something that I did that I don’t like doing:
Small talk. I’m quite the introvert and don’t like to talk too much. But I really pushed myself to find interest in others more than myself and my insecurities.

40-day challenge list:
I spent one whole day TV-free (yeah, didn’t even turn on the hotel TV)
I hugged a relative.
I listened to “Why?” by Nichole Nordemann

(I’m blowing through this list… Fr. Jacob better pay up.)

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