Lenten Challenge: Day 3


Day 3: Yesterday was the first day of my conference. It was a lot of running around getting things ready for the people who were arriving. I thought it was wonderful seeing so many women interested in learning more about our programs so much that they traveled from afar just to join us!

5 things God has blessed me with yesterday:

  1. Time to pray — especially in a meditation room offered at our conference.
  2. A supportive CDA State Board.
  3. Roommates who totally understand my introverted nature. I’m in good company.
  4. Free food. I’m well taken care of here.
  5. Time to practice on the guitar. I’m playing the guitar in public for the first time. It really helped to have the extra day!

Something that I did that I don’t like doing:
SELL. I had to sell 50/25/25 tickets to raise funds for our CDA State Board. My husband can tell you I’m the worst sales person. I think I only sold $60 where everyone else sold over $100. 

40-day challenge list:
Stations of the Cross
Prayed the rosary with the Sorrowful Mysteries

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