Lenten Challenge: Day 4


Day 4: It was a big day. I had to give my presentation on the youth program and JCDA at the CDA State Conference. Not only that, I played guitar in public for the first time! 

5 things God has blessed me with yesterday:

  1. Angels protecting me during my morning run and being able to experience running in a slow creeping fog:
  2. The holy spirit guiding me throughout my presentation.
  3. Supportive women who responded positively to my message.
  4. I got through the day injury-free even while wearing heels.
  5. Meeting such interesting people. Who am I turning into?! I actually socialized!

Something that I did that I don’t like doing:
Public speaking. I should mention that I played the guitar before my talk to get people energized. The talk went well but I was parched in the beginning! 

40-day challenge list:
Read Psalm 51

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