Lenten Challenge: Days 5 and 6


Day 5: The conference wrapped up and it was a long drive home — only to be followed by rushing to drive an extra half hour to make it to my nephew’s sponsor meeting for his Sacrament of Confirmation.


5 things God has blessed me with:

  1. A quick and smooth take-down of the conference. 
  2. A safe drive home, despite all the traffic.
  3. Making it home in time to drive to join my nephew at his meeting.
  4. A short but sweet welcome home by my family.
  5. Learning more about my nephew’s spiritual journey.

Something that I did that I don’t like doing:
Sharing my thoughts in group discussions. I’m pretty sure I was one of only two that would share our thoughts among the large group. The ironic thing is that I pointed out that I was an introvert during one of these said discussions. 

40-day challenge list:
I hugged my sister!



Day 6: It was back to reality. Monday hit hard and I wasn’t ready for it. Not only was I affected by the time change, I wasn’t prepared to play the piano for Monday’s daily Mass. I pretty much had to sight read everything since I received the music list the day before I left and all my rehearsal time was taken up by the conference.

5 things God has blessed me with:

  1. Sleeping in my own bed. I know there are so many out there who don’t have that comfort.
  2. Sunshine. It was hot out but beautiful.
  3. My husband, who made breakfast for the kids so that I could get to Mass on time.
  4. Knowing that regular daily Mass-goers are forgiving even when I screwed up during Mass.
  5. Energy to make dinner.

Something that I did that I don’t like doing:
Having to work the day after I’ve been away from home for so long. The conference wasn’t all fun and games. Between sitting through talks, setting up/taking down, hosting gatherings, presenting and playing music — I haven’t had a break and I’m exhausted!

40-day challenge list:
I listened to an old homily of Fr. Jacob’s! I’m glad I was able to catch this past Sunday’s homily since his teaser question from Saturday was so intriguing.

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