Throwback Thursday: Taking a BREAK

A friend posted this video on Facebook yesterday and it’s all sorts of rad.

From the repetitive beats, stretchy red unitards to “Mr. Wave’s” smooth robotic moves, not to mention the perfectly executed windmills — this video is a gem. It took be back to my childhood. Our next-door neighbor would bust out the cardboard box in their garage and the neighborhood kids would gather around and battle or just learn some new moves. I usually looked on as I rode my bike past their house and I’ve participated once or twice… I did a mean “worm.” (I can’t say that I can do it now.)

Breakdancing came out of the spotlight in the late 80’s early 90’s but has since made a great comeback in the hip hop community. I truly enjoy watching those dancers and I once wished to be like them. My sister and I have broken our living room coffee table more than once by attempting to break dance on it. (A smooth, square surface — why not?) I tried to do a backspin once. The best I could do was curl up in a ball and have my sister spin me. In my early 20’s I eventually resorted to taking hip hop “exercise” classes at the gym and after a few months of classes, the instructor invited me to try out his group, Culture Shock

But alas, I had a different calling…

…and I’m sure my kids would be embarrassed to see me dancing in front of their friends.

For now, I’ll stick to shoulder dancing in the car. 

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