Reese’s Spreads – A Quick Treat


A few weeks ago I received a complimentary jar of Reese’s Spreads from Influenster to review. My kids were quite excited to see that orange box with the unmistakable “Reese’s” logo on front. If you can’t tell from the little Instagram clip below, we’re big fans of Reese’s. A big, “party bag” of miniature peanut butter cups quickly turns into a “little bag” within a matter of days. Sometimes I have to hide it so that we can pace ourselves (but I end up finishing the bag).


Someone’s excited to test (and taste) a complimentary treat from @influenster #ReesesSpreads #Reeses

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I’ve seen Reese’s Spreads in the store and have resisted the temptation to buy it. I mean, c’mon – if my family eats peanut butter cups so quickly, the jar of Reese’s Spreads will be annihilated soon after it’s opened! To prove my point, this jar never stood a chance to get photographed while it was full. 


Reese’s Spreads taste just like you think it would–like ground up peanut butter cups. At least with Reese’s Spreads, I have a good excuse to make something “healthy” out of something so indulgent. Try this for a quick snack:


It’s just Reese’s Spreads on top of a cracker and topped with a banana. Apple or strawberry slices would make a good choice, too! I don’t know about you, but my kids always come home from school hungry and this makes a great snack.

Or you can just eat it off a spoon… like me.

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