Balanced Bento Boxes for Kids

I swear, I’m not a “bento box mom.”

I don’t do all the cute kawaii-esque characters with food.

I don’t have special accessories to accent my kids’ lunch. 

But I’ve got a box.

Make that TWO boxes!

I’ve been using bento boxes since my first-born was in preschool. (That would be over 6 years ago!! Dang I’m old.) When I had two girls in school, I’ve given up on the bento boxes and lunches were not-so-spectacular. The kids would get a sandwich, snack and water. It’s all they need, right? Or so I thought.

My first-born has hit the decade mark (and always hungry) and the kindergartener is a little bitty thing. I realized that both girls were not getting enough fruits and vegetables (bad mom, I know).  So I decided that I needed to go back to bento lunches. 

I’ve been looking for new bento boxes for a while — especially for my oldest child since most sizes tend to be either too big or too small. A really great deal for a Bentgo Kids  Lunch Box came upon me and I couldn’t pass it up.  The box stated that it was good for 3-7 year olds. I used it for my kindergartener and used an old bento box for my 10 year old.

Bentgo Kids Lunch
PB&J sandwich, cheese puffs, thawed frozen vegetables, mangoes, trail mix

Filling each portion of the Bentgo was fun. It was the perfect size for little bites while keeping the food separated (since kids sometimes don’t like food touching each other). I found myself picking fruits and thawing frozen vegetables just to fill the container. I was a bit hesitant to open the box after school since I thought it was a lot of food. But guess what — when my daughter came home, the box was empty! Now I have to tell you, my 6-year-old usually has a hard time finishing a half sandwich. 

Hard-boiled egg with rice and furikake, jicama, grapes, a slice of a granola bar, strawberries

I was impressed with the quality of the Bentgo Kids lunch box that I purchased a Bentgo All-in-One Stackable Lunch Box for my oldest. I also bought Bentgo Sauce Container 2-pack (for dressings and dips) and extra set of plastic silverware for the little one.

(Right side) Regular-sized Bentgo with wonton noodles topped with furikake, assortment of fish balls, vegetables, ponzu sauce (in container). (Left side) Grapes, strawberries, saltines, yogurt-covered granola bites, and a leftover strawberry sponge cake.

The kids were so excited about their new lunch boxes that they started to think ahead to what they were going to have in their lunch the next day.

A friend asked what kind of lunch bag I use and it is a valid question since some of the compartmentalized lunch boxes don’t fit in a standard lunch bag. I use this for the kids box and a neoprene bag (about the same size) for the regular Bentgo:



It fits perfectly, however, the rubberized edges of the kids box makes it hard to put in and pull out. I also had to get a smaller water container for the bag (the old one I had was too big anyway).

Using bento boxes won’t necessarily put you in the category of being a “bento box mom.” It’s just a great way to add more nutrition to your kids’ lunches! 

Side-by-side comparison of Bentgo Kids and Bentgo Stackable Lunch Boxes.

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links where I will get credit for any purchases associated with my site. This is not a sponsored post — I just like the product and a lot of people have asked me about where they can get it.

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