Say, “Boudin Grilled Cheese, Please!”

What’s not to love about grilled cheese? It’s comfort food for any season. It’s great with soup for the winter and in the summer you can pair it with a salad. 

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My family was invited to sample Boudin’s grilled cheese sandwiches at their Boudin SF Balboa Mesa location. While the kids worked on activities outside, the adults had the grueling task of doing some quality assurance…with grilled cheese sandwiches. You know, because we need to make sure things are okay before we give it to our kids, right?




 I have to tell you, I love a good sourdough for grilled cheese and Boudin is definitely the expert in this area. Chef Alan Skversky came down from San Francisco and gave us a taste of the grilled cheese sandwiches Boudin has to offer. He explained that cheeses in the sandwiches were selected to complement the type of bread they were served with.

First up: The Great Grilled Cheese


This was made with classic Boudin sourdough and totally “cheesed up.” Inside is filled with imported havarti and sharp cheddar cheese and the bread is crusted with parmesan cheese. The parmesan crust is what really makes this sandwich. It gives a nice salty crunch to cut through the sourdough bite, then finishes off with the smooth and silky texture of melted cheese. You can also get this with bacon. 

Next: The Jalapeño Grilled Cheese


This sandwich featured Boudin’s jalapeño cheddar bread filled with cheddar cheese. I’m a fan of spicy… but not too spicy. This had a perfect kick. The bread was studded with jalapeño with flecks of cheddar cheese. My husband noticed that it seemed cheesier than the other sandwiches. Chef Alan said it was because they folded the cheese to form to the shape of the bread. What I liked about this one is that it wasn’t “all cheese…all the time.” The jalapeños gave a surprise every few bites. This is new to the menu and is available for a limited time.

Finishing off: Grilled Brie with Apple & Fig Jam


As the menu item states, it’s brie, apple and fig jam grilled together between multigrain bread. It was a favorite of many attendees  — like dessert in grilled cheese form. C’mon… it’s brie, need I say more? Well, yes – I should say that this was absolutely delicious. You know how when you go to some fancy schmancy parties and someone brings the brie en croute with fruit preserves? Now imagine that between two pieces of multi grain bread and grilled to perfection. That, my friends is how you make a girl like me happy.

So what was my favorite?

I’d say the Jalapeño Grilled Cheese then the Brie with Apple and Fig Jam is a close second. Sometimes eating the same flavor can get monotonous—even if it tastes good. If you plan on going to Boudin with a friend, I recommend that you each order a different sandwich and swap halves. That way you can each get a variety of flavors in one meal. 

Boudin wants you to try their grilled cheese sandwiches and as a gift to you, they are offering a free kids meal with the purchase of a grilled cheese sandwich. Just CLICK HERE to get your coupon. Did you know that kids get a free animal-shaped sourdough bread while supplies last? Check them out!

What is your favorite Boudin item? Comment below!

Disclosure: My family was invited to an event to sample the sandwiches from Boudin. All opinions are my own.

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